About Us

Hey Guys! 

We're a family owned business created in March of 2014.  We named our store after our beautiful daughters with their unique style in mind.

We are based out of the Dallas Metro but we love the style and vibes that are coming off the west coast.  We don't see too much of that so our goal is to bring unique designs to central. 

Not only that but our primary goal is to bring quality products to everyone at affordable prices.  We pour all of our energy into finding incredible products that everyone can enjoy.  We want you to feel like the best you possible by expressing your unique self.

 While you're here, take a look at our unique designs in our Collections in the main menu!!

Each Collection is categorized into themes, holidays or gifts.  Anything else is under graphic Tees & Tanks.  

Be sure to check out our blog while you’re here. :)  Follow us on all social media: AjaAndArya.